Klaus Bösch - KB The Sandman


Klaus Bösch born in 1963 in Lustenau, Austria – artist name: KB The Sandman:
In the early eighties at age 18 I started seeking for ways to express my creativity. It began with photo art. A short period I painted with pencil, water colour and oil, I learnt playing guitar and singing. Together with a bunch of friends we founded a 1960ies beat band and we did one gig on stage.
In the mid-eighties I still had not found the field of art that could really fascinate me. In October 1986 my good friend Werner Pieper, a crazy German media artist gave me one of those raw and basic Sandpictures which were around at that time. I still can remember that evening. I was deeply touched when watching the shifting sands which took me away into a dreamland. It was like the world around didn't exist anymore for at least the first one hour.
This was the moment when I suddenly decided to adapt this idea.
All self-taught I discovered the basics and started searching deeper to refining the technique. Besides the art of blending extreme fine sand grains I learned to prepare and join wood, many lacquering techniques, airbrush spraying and gilding. All this is necessary to work on those multiple masterpieces of sand-art you can discover nowadays.
In 1988 I founded my company for making and selling Sandpictures. Starting with simple small crafted series soon one-of-a-kind pieces joined the range and as a result, my gallery start-up was the opening exhibition of an art gallery near Zurich, Switzerland. Coming to know that everything has to be improved first, I gave up on art exhibitions and concentrated in the field of hand-crafts, which became my base of science and research.
To widen my horizon I attended Gerald Ritzberger's school for Feng Shui, science of colours and Geomancy in 2003. What I learnt there is the knowledge, influencing my works to give them the kind of magic spirit, when using sizes, shapes and proportions in a way that the result creates positive energies.
In 2007 I decided returning to the world of art and design.
Most of my works have a deeper meaning behind, like many of the sand blends I am using. My latest works are reflecting live themes, using bigger dimensions, combining Sandpictures with light and creating huge installations.
Moving sand is the medium of my art works, just like other artists use oil on canvases. I let the sand telling stories of the world and our earth's long history, which in fact is stored in the mineral's memory. All that is invisible for our short human live, but we can feel or imagine those tales, when interacting with Sand-Arts. The result is always the same: first you relax - then you get excited and between those two sensations creativity appears. All in all you will receive good vibes.

Sandpictures are little, calm and peaceful worlds, conveying that inspiration to the world. And the most beautiful thing I see every day are the innocent eyes of a surprised kid in adult's faces when they see my artworks for the first time.

Ich am looking forward to cooperations with architects and artists to bring my art to the eyes and amuzement of a wide audience.
Our fast and loud world needs calm spots the sand oasis each of my art works is providing.