Sand partners worldwide

USA, Canada
Chris Wootten, The Sandguy

Pitkin Stearns Intl. Inc., 1501 W. Campus Drive, Unit-D, Littleton, CO 80120, USA Tel. +1-303-794 2323, Fax +1-303-794 3222 .

It’s not about me. I love making the people happy. Selling the KB Collection Sand Pictures give me so much joy as it makes other people so happy. My favorite day of the year is Christmas morning but not for the common reason. For me, I smile broadly knowing how many people are opening their new sandpictures. A new world of fun and amazement awaits them!

Yusei Mitsui, The Sand-Samurai

Nissei Commerce Ltd., Brick Gate Bldg. 1f, 2-10 Hatchobori, 4-Chome Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0032, JAPAN Tel. +81-3-3523 2955, Fax +81-3-3523-2957 .

One possible way is to just fulfil the daily duty. The stronger way is exceeding those expectations by taking care about what’s beyond that duty. This is how I want to be in my personal life. For Sandpictures we are fighting like Samurai worriers taking care about all worries and problems. But there is nothing to worry about when we let the sand forming landscapes in many colors every day. Sandpictures are really the best product we can handle.

Ping Du, The Sand-Lady

Plan in Motion, Shop108, 11 building, Shine Hills Shopping Center, 6 Antai Street, Shunyi District, CHINA Mobile +86-189-1070 6559 .

Like many people, I have two sides to my personality, and both go to extremes -- Changing and Quiet. Sand Art can give me both these aspects, It is changing all the time in a quiet rhythm, I am well balanced with passion and peace in the Sand Art world. This world taught me more and more as time flies but I still ask the Sandman the same question:“ Oh my God! how can you make it!“

Claus Lehmann

TRENDS, Claus Lehmannn, Große Straße 12, 27356 Rotenburg, DEUTSCHLAND Tel. +49-4261-2336, Fax +49-4261-2346 .

Shuenming Hung

Hung Wen Hsin Co., Ltd., No. 46, Lane 415, Sec. 2, Tai Ho Rd. Ku I Li, Chung Hua, Taiwan, R.O.C. Tel. +886-47-242876, Fax 886-47-242920

Sand picture bring a brand new sense stimulation. More actively and positively to enhances the feeling of art. When you watching a sand picture, and it makes you feel peace, relax and even more. Stop and Enjoy it.