Sand blends

Here we introduce the favorite sand blends to you. Just our standard assortment carries 33 different sand blends.
Basically we produce the standards you can find in the shop. We can make custom sand blends restricted to technical requirements and our stock of sands.
Special blends are only available for bigger series or art and design objects.

Gold Standard

Our oldest standard since 1994
white, two kind of black, ruby, gold glitter.

Golden Sun

Bright blend with the colours of a sunset
white, ruby, brown, black, yellow, orange.

Walnat Tree

Decent blend matching well with dark wood
white, two different brown, black and red-gold glitter.


Brown and natural ocher tones
white, brown, Dubai desert ocher, black, gold glitter.


white, ruby, black, brown, water-blue glitter.

Black Beauty

The classic one
white, three different kind of black, gold glitter.

Black & Colouration

The standard for powerful colours
white, three different kind of black, colour - pictured: pink.


A night in the desert
white, Dubai natural ocher, brown, black, dark bronze glitter.

Blue Ocean

Like holidays on an island
white, beach sand from Okinawa, prickling water-blue.


Deep blue night in Norway
white, two different black, blue, turquoise glitter.


Pop Art
white, ruby, black, blue, silver glitter.


Diving the reef
white, Dubai natural ocher, ruby, blue, yellow, orange, turquoise tinted water.


Like an eruption
white, two different black, red glitter, red tinted water.

Glowbee Red

With night glow effect
white, two different kind of black, night glow powder, flashing red.

Glowbee green

With night glow effect
white, two different kind of black, night glow powder, flashing green.

Cherry glitter

A sparkling rain shower
white, Dubai natural ocher, brown, black, prickling gold glitter.

Space Red

Red planet
white, brown, two different black, red, gold glitter.


Glacier ice and sparkling snow
white, black, turquoise, silver glitter with tilting colour effect.

Copper Nemo

Down-to-earth blend for reddish timber
white, two different black, copper glitter.

Night Shift

Our darkest blend - for night owls
little white, two different black, dark blue, dull gold glitter.

Ink Painting

Strong contrast of black & white
white, two different black, black glitter.


A walk on a green field
white, two different black, green, gold glitter.