Sand people

Werner Pieper - sand mentor

In October 1986 Werner passed me a Miracle Picture with the words: you will love this, Klaus. With that he pulled the trigger to my sand career. Werner was right. I still love Sandpictures like I did so many years back.

Werner Pieper, also known as 'The Grüne Kraft' lives near Heidelberg as an author & multiplicator of his curiosity. He is always interested in new concepts and perspectives, which he publishes under the label 'Der Grüne Zweig' (the green twig). 1985 he sold those Sandpictures called Miracle Pictures. (face painting and foto by Oona Leganovic)

Rico Kuratli, sand friend, 1959 - 2011

February 1988 I wrote our invoice # 1 and with that officially opened my sand company. Rico loved and understood Sandpictures like no other one. With his dauntless commitment driving a box of Sandpictures across eastern Switzerland to demonstrate and sell them on street markets and restaurants helped surviving my dream through the first rough year. We became good friends and helped each other with many small things which stood in the possibilities of our modest live. Many thanks, Rico that you've been here and my deepest respect for a man of straight character.

Aki Mitsui, The sand meister

Formerly director of NISSEI Japan, found our Sandpictures in 1995 at the Frankfurt fair and became our first overseas distribution partner. Today still chairman of the company he accompanies his son Yusei and their team in the background.

Rainer Korber, sand nuts

If there is a fan for Sandpictures, it is this man. We met each other in 1993 during an exhibition in Salzburg, where he stood dumb for one hours just watching the Sandpictures before he claimed his first question. Today 9 works are the precocious of his home - all custom made pieces made according to his own ideas.