The sand crew

Klaus Bösch

KB The Sandman, chief of the sand-clan creation and design director

Confucius said: Choose the job you love and you won't have to work one more day in your live. Even though I achieved that, I am looking forward to my leisure time in which my hobbies gardening, fly fishing, reading and traveling are important. Live to me means change, movement, growth.

Monika Bösch

back office and quality management
The lady chief takes care of quality and customer satisfaction plus order and organization of working places. The best parcel maker in the world is also taking care of our online business.

Heidi Hollenstein

Order coordination
'I take over this company' Useful for many different tasks she is bringing loads of humor and loosens up the working pressure. Specialized in frame making.


Ibrahim Armagan

production and shipping
Even though he is a nervous like a jack he's got the feeling for fine details. Refining frames is necessary so our pictures leave the factory in perfect quality. He also maintains our stock of Sandpictures waiting for framing and shipping.

Daniel Schmid

Our eagle eye can see the tiniest detail. Working precisely is his strength, so he takes care about quality a lot.