Sand in mythology


Most sand regions have their myths and stories about it. In Russia there is the story of Babayaga and Vasalissa, similar to the story of Cinderella. In Sudan the Shilluk live who believe that Juok made them of the black sands of river Nile. Around the well known Uluru in Australia there is Milpatjunanyi: Women telling stories in the sand.
Starting with Aristophanes many writer spon stories around sand. Until today sand is subject of writings or even the central theme with the comic character Sandman.
"Uluru Panorama" by Stuart Edwards.


The art of the Australian aborigines looks back to a history of 30,000 years. The central theme is depicting of the 'dream time'. The Navajos had to produce and destroy a Sandpicture in one day so the ritual healing will take place.
Buddhist monks use special tools to lay sand mandalas from loose sand which is mixed with colour powders. The ceremony can take place for many days until the picture will be swept together and sacrificed.
The Japanese tray painting 'Bonseki' was used for religious ceremonies
"Amazing sand mandala" by Mai Le from San Francisco, CA, USA