Sandman auf YouTube

Regulation of Sandpictures. Chris Wootten auf JTV - english:

Welcome to the experts corner. Join us as Chris Wootten demonstrates easy ways to identify if your sand picture needs a few minutes of care. Adjusting air levels in your sand picture can affect how fast or slow your sand art develops, creating those wonderful scenic views, of mountains, valleys and dunes

Sandman Interview in Sydney:

Sandman talks about Sandpictures: His creations, works and backgrounds. Interview February 2012 in Sydney at Darling Harbour and Sydney Harbour Bridge. Released under the GNU General Public License

Sandman on tour. Agora gallery, Chelsea NY – collective exhibition Oct. 2011:

The Agora Gallery, Chelsea, NYC proudly presented three exhibitions through October 28th, 2011. These exhibitions were "Beyond Borders: an Exhibition of Fine Art from Canada", "Sensorial Perspectives", "The Synergy of Movement". The Opening Reception for the exhibition took place on Thursday, October 13th, 2011

Mind Spa at Artprize art contest in Grand Rapids, MI in Sept. 2013:

A 2013 ArtPrize entry "The Mind Spa." A half hour of watching the sand falling and making designs is compressed into a half minute. The half hour version is much more relaxing, but you get the idea.

Sandbilder zum Staunen. Dr. Krekeler – Ich sehe was… (kid’s science experience museum):

Dokumentation der interaktiven Ausstellung Ich sehe was -- und was siehst du? im Freizeitheim Vahrenwald Hannover Wissenschaft und Kunst für Kinder

Black Magic, Frankfurt:

Sand Art Giant Sandpicture installation by Sand-Artist Klaus Bosch

Aquarius, Dubai:

Sand Art Aquarius is a Sandpicture built into a housing. With the Water-waving light feature it remains of an aquarium.

Vat19 USA - Glowbee:

Mesmerizing kinetic sand landscape that glows in the dark.