Tokyo Toy Museum 2011

After the devastating tsunami catastrophe in Japan the son of a young mother was hospitalized and got a Sandpicture to waste his time. The mother was convinced that the Sandpicture had a good influence to her son and sped up his recovery. That's why she proposed Sandpictures to the Good Toy Committee of the Tokyo Toy Museum and Aki Mitsui went to pick up the award for our Window. The Sandpicture by the way surrounded by a lot of fancy electronic toys. What a contrast.

Chicago 2012

The Chicago Houseware Show, the biggest of its kind in US is awarding for innovation and design every year. In 2012 the award was handed to Chris Wootten for our Deep Sea.

Amazon 2012

Amazon US awards the top holiday sellers. Again our Deep Sea was within the 25 % of best selling products before Christmas 2012.