Sandman's art

'The world is revolving and constantly changing. Nothing really new is truly made. All things are only modifications of existing matter.'

My mission and vision as artist is bringing people back to calm and peace - those things everybody desires. I see my creations as an artwork when the piece has a deeper meaning, which the observer might adumbrate, like with the here pictured 'Mammuth'. It belongs to the cycle 'machines'
Machines were meant to ease our daily live. That idea widely tanked. Instead of gaining more calm and free time, we occupy and annoy ourselves more and more with our technical achievements every day. That's why here I used an antique sewer machine table as a symbol and put a Sandpicture atop, which now with its emanation of calm is throned atop of the machine.

Nature as sand artist

The even better artist is nature, producing excellent Sandpictures. Gazing at them is fascinating and relaxing.

Sand pictures made of water and sand

Sand pictures made of water and sand Water transports sand and separates small and bold grains producing art works of gracious beauty. Mini canyons, an abstract image like an ink painting or under-water dunes shown here as examples. The change fast and watching them pays off. All three pictures taken in northern Norway.

Sand pictures made of wind and sand

The most stunning sand pictures are produced in the deserts of our earth. Winds are carrying the sands in steady and slow movement and changing the face of the dune on a daily base. Rub Al Khali, Dubai

Sand pictures made of geological shifts

Things are moving unhurried when it is about geology.
For a picture like this the artist tool several million years. We can't see movement and only face a freeze frame.
A Japanese impression